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Hi, I am a freelance web developer. I specialize in developing web sites using wordpress. I have years of experience and you can see some of my work here or on the examples page. I can create all types of sites ranging from informational to e-Commerce. I always deliver my work on time and guarantee unique and up-to-date design solutions and high usability.


All the websites i have developed have fantastic search engine optimization. When you decide to me for my hire my Web development services I also make sure your website will be within the top 5 results when googled.

Have a Presence on the Web

With my great web designs and great SEO tactics you can be sure that your site will have a presence online and won’t be another one of those filler web sites. Your site will not just be informational, it will please the eyes of your clients and make them want to come back to your site.


My prices are literally the best out there. Because i am a freelance web developer i don’t need to charge outrageous prices to support a huge company. NO JOB IS TOO SMALL OR TOO BIG. Email me at jbwebsitebuilder@gmail.com to get accurate quotes.

Supportive Reference

My website design services are not only affordable but also a supportive reference for your convenience. My responsibility does not end with designing the website and handing it away to you. I will provide the clear instructions and guidelines on how to use the different features integrated in my design to maximize the ability and functionality of the website. You can also always refer to me for maintenance and upgrading activities which occurs in your existing pages.

What we do

My clients trust me to convey their message, be it a product, a service, or an idea.We do everything from a to z for your website building experience:

We setup the domain name
We setup the hosting
We design the website
We put in all of your information
We setup buy now/donate now buttons
We even maintain the website and make sure it is always up to date with the latest software

Friendly and Co-operative

I always try to bring the formal-but-friendly surrounding in order to give a comfortable communication with my clients. Great communication provides the satisfaction in providing and understanding each other with the right information.


I make sure that you’re not spending money on a website for your small business that looks amateurish or unprofessional and spoiling your business image. I have years of experiences as a freelance web designer and developer and these experiences have¬† matured me and given me skills in this field. Professionalism and creativity are two important aspects i use to deal effectively with every project I work with.